Welcome! So... I've been getting a lot of questions regarding Frases Para Enamorar. For those that don't know, it's simply love phrases
in the Spanish language. For whatever reason, the popularity behind these sayings have shot through the roof, and people
are constantly looking for beautiful love sayings.

I can see the demand for such sayings. Moreover, the Spanish language is renowned for being titled the "Langugage of Love."
Personally, I love the beauty of language in and love sayings in all cultures and customs that come along with it. It's quite
lovely, and more than anything just fascinates me.

People often look for the "magical" saying that will work wonders on the person they are saying it to, or are trying to impress.
As much as we search for such a saying, the ideal phrase that works for all just doesn't exist. We wish it did, but no such
luck. We are all unique, and one is ideal for one, is not necessarily ideal for another. That what makes us... well, human I guess.

However, there are some frases para enamorar that will definitely stand out from other sayings, and may be rather
popular amongst people. Let's look at just one saying. This one in particular is popular for men to use in Spanish.

"No amas una mujer porque es bella, es bella porque la amas"
Frases Para Enamorar

An approximate translation is: I don't love you because you are beautiful; you are beautiful
to me because I love you.

Now, it may sound a little off, and that is normal because of the translation from Spanish to English, but
the saying is quite beautiful. It's definitely a worthy contender and among some of the top phrases in Spanish.

Aside from the requests of the particular saying, I hear a lot about nerves and fear when wanting
to make such a comment to a person that you care for. This is particularly

the case with people that are in the initial stages of talking,
and are seeking to make quite the impression on another person.

Here are my thoughts: Worry about nothing. It's a true waste of time to sit and dwell how another person will react
to something you want to tell them. If those are your thoughts, you are putting way too much time into something like
this. There is no need for that, and if anything, it may cause more anxiety and nerves. Forget about it, friend.

In addition to all that, do you really fear that you will be judged while saying something of beauty like that? Do you think
the person you talk to will laugh at you, poke a little fun... perhaps even stop talking to you because of a mistake or choke
during such a moment? That is absurd! And, if this is the case and the person will pass judgement on you, perhaps you
should reconsider who it is you are talking to. I'm just saying... be yourself, nothing more, nothing less.

With this said, be sure to check out more frases para enamorar .... the challenge? It's in Spanish, but will be an awesome
read. Check it out when you get a chance... www.lasmejoresfrasesparaenamorar.com ... Cheers!